Saturday, June 28, 2008


Well for another couple of weeks anyway! If there is anyone checking in regularly still (apart from my parents!) you will have noticed a distinct lack of activity here of late - well I've had 4 assignments to write in 3 weeks, plus being prompt for the local Amature Dramatic's plays and so much relieving at Kindy this last week that I'm remembering (again) why I have no long term plans to work full time if I can possibly avoid it... talk about burning the candle at both ends!

So, no visitors this weekend (I'm hoping Em & Chris have decided camping in this weather is a bad idea and have found somewhere more substantial to sleep!), so far no small boys to look after, no homework to do (well I could start reading next semester's stuff which arrived yesterday but there is such a thing as being over-keen).... It all feels very strange being at a loose end again, I'd almost forgotten what days like this were like!

As it's raining cats, dogs and stair-rods (but still no men) again, complete with thunder storms, an inside day is on the cards methinks. Woodstove, cuppa, good book.... sounding good to me! But I guess I ought to catch up on some housework first, got to feel as though I've done something constructive with my day afterall!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

my late afternoon routine

Bring in the washing before it starts getting damp again
Feed the chooks, before it gets dark and they go to sleep
Collect the eggs
Pick up the windfall fruit
Pick veges* for tea from the garden
Fill up the firewood basket, whilst it's still light enough to spot lurking wetas in the log pile
Bring in some cryptomaria for kindling if the box is empty
Round up the dog who has usually gone awol sometime during the above....
Cook tea

*kiwi english spelling!

Another day in paradise....