Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Ok, it's been quiet on here again for a while... but apart from one blissfull weekend between the last assignment being handed in and my final practicum starting I'm still struggling to remember what it was like to have a life that isn't controlled by academic deadlines.

The pressure has been off a bit in that producing 3 'reflections' (about a side of A4) a week plus Learning Stories for the kids portfolios is a bit easier than 2,000 word assignments. However due to a distinct lack of overlap between my personal teaching philosophy and that of the centre I'm at, each reflection tends to end up being a work of diplomacy as well as a commentary on my experiences. My university supervisor assures me that this is good professional development, but after 4 1/2 weeks of it and 2 1/2 to go I'm feeling that there is such a thing as over-development!

I've got my official assessment meeting tomorrow, my lecturer is coming up to visit which I'm really looking forward to - especially after she gave me another A for my assignment! I was a bit worried (having got good grades all year from her) that my last one fell short of the mark a bit and she'd be disappointed. All a bit of a turn up for the books really compared to my previous academic experience where my highest grade was 1% lower than my current lowest! Mind you I haven't got my Arts assignment back yet which may spoil my record...

So right now I'm supposed to be putting the finishing touches to my assessment portfolio, writing about how I meet the 'Fit to be a teacher' criteria (apparently saying I walked home with Elizabeth today - about 5-6km - isn't what they want) and somehow reflecting on the Code of Ethics... as you can see my grades may have gone up but I'm just as bad (good?) at procrastination as I ever was!

Hmmm, maybes a cuppa and a soak in the bath will help wake the brain cells up enough?