Sunday, October 24, 2010

time passing

well I still haven't finished that quilt.... but I'm getting there!

It's been another time where it was difficult to know what to write - sadly my beautiful cat Sirius met with misadventure a few weeks ago and went to join Cammi buried at the bottom of the garden. It seemed a fitting place for her final resting place given how much she missed Cammi when we lost her. I still keep thinking I've seen her walking past out of the corner of my eye so I didn't think twice earlier today when I thought I saw a cat walking past in the corridoor. Then I did a doubled take - no I really had seen a cat walk past! It did a runner once it realised I'd seen it, but then I saw another moggy this evening out in the garden. Maybe it has become known in the cat world that this territory is up for grabs again?

The last few weeks have seen me trying to catch up on some things in life that had slipped due to being ill. My teacher registration portfolio for one... it's suddenly starting to fall into place and seems more achievable but I'm not convinced I'll have it all done by the end of this year. That is something of a pain as the new criteria come into play next year so I need to try to get as much done as I can on the system I started with.

It is also coming up for the end of my Ara Reo classes for the year - and I have a whole heap of homework to catch up on for that too... my kaiako (teacher) thinks I'm ready for Year 2 next year but having missed so much of this year from being sick/too run down to attend I'm not convinced. We'll see, classes don't start again until March so I've plenty time to think about it.

Next year... that feels such a long time away still! Yet it is only 8 weeks until I fly to the UK for my summer holidays. Yes you did read that right - people here think I must be mad to trade a summer here for a British winter. But it's not about the weather - as the whakatauki (proverb) here goes

He aha te mea nui o tēnei ao

Māku e kï atu

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata

But if you ask me what is the most important thing in the world
I will tell you
tis the people, tis the people, tis the people.