Friday, December 18, 2009

the noughties

Two households, both alike in dignity (if not cleanliness),
In fair Newcastle, where we lay our scene...

Well there endeth any similarities between Shakespear's epic and life between our Croydon Rd flat and the "Halibuts' House", although it did bear a distinct likeness to a soap opera at times. With Vonn and I going out with two of their inhabitants we spent a lot of our time picking our way across their pizza infused carpet...

The joys of facebook has seen a reuniting of these two households and various others associated with them both, on a virtual level at least and occassionally in real life too. For the lads most of the long hair has gone and they
have obviously learned to feed themselves a bit better too (or found others willing to cook/can afford a better class of takeaway!), but you know what - us girls, we seem to look much the same ;) (Halibuts 0, Croydon Rd 4!)

The "Halibuts" were so named because of a 'band' they had called 'For Halibut Fans Only' and to be honest you really had to be a fan of the people in it to listen... you could describe it as 'tongue in cheek' but really one had to question how many and which cheeks at times.... they were the Spinal Tap/Monster Raving Loony Party entry in the annual Students Union Busking Competitions and took great pride in being booed off stage with glasses (plastic of course...) being hurled at them. Despite this, hidden (deeply) away amongst them, was some real musical talent.

In many ways it really doesn't feel like all those years have slipped by at all, especially reliving moments through photos shared online and the banter that goes on via facebook chat, but a recent song of Andy's made me realise just how much life has changed in the last decade, let alone since we graduated in the early 90's. He hasn't lost his cleverness with lyrics, and although it's called 'I got kicked in the noughties' I can assure you it is (unlike various FHFO tracks) suitable for family viewing =)

(for some reason I can't get it to embed the link in the text or whatever it's called so you might have to copy n paste!)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

counting down....

Well for many people I know currently it is the season to be counting down the days by chocolate until Dec 25th (or 24th depending on your calendar!). For me I'm counting down to many things, but oddly enough Christmas doesn't really figure that much on the list, sure it'll happen around here but not due to me!

First count down... to the end of the week and the summer break starting!
Then to the various arrivals expected here over the next week including Audra from Edinburgh
To Boxing Day cricket at the farm along with good food/drink/company...
To the annual Quaker Summer Gathering
To my 40th (yes, fortieth...) birthday
Hopefully to Jane & Paddy coming to see me whilst they're over from the UK! (let me know won't you!)
To William & Elizabeth coming back from China
Hey ho, and to the start of term
And more excitedly to the start of my new job at my 'old' (as in 2008) kindergarten!

In between I'm also hoping to see a few other people on my/their travels but with no dates as yet confirmed....

And it doesn't stop there!!!! Usually being able to 'plan' a month in advance seems excessively organised but due to Annette and Douglas both heading this way from the UK I've even got holiday plans in my diary for February and April. What's more with switching to kindergarten come the new school year I'll have those wonderful inventions called school holidays - even more dates in my diary... well they would be if I'd got round to writing them in. Then there's our MM Regional Gathering at Aroha Island in March and I know I can got to Yearly Meeting in Dunedin without having to fly the whole way. I'll have plenty of time this year (July school hols) so there beckons a road/rail trip and of course a stop over in Wellington is a must really then isn't it?!

Now I just have to hope for enough relieving hours at work to help pay for it all...

On the not so exciting count down list are the end of year MM accounts, charities commision (or whatever it's called here!!! Must check....) report and tax return receipts to do. Oh the joys of being a treasurer.

Ah yes, and that ol' guilt tripper of a teacher registration portfolio needs put into some sort of order over the summer too. Hmmmmm... I guess you have to take the rough with the smooth!

One thing is for sure, I'm not going to be short of things to do.

Note to self - remember that going part time was (amongst other reasons) to help improve health/energy levels, do NOT over do things!!!