Wednesday, June 22, 2011

comings and goings

Well I'm off sick with a tummy bug for the second time in two weeks, well I think it is a tummy bug, it could however be drug side effects hence being booked in to see my GP again next Monday. On the plus side these new drugs don't make me drowsy, I hadn't realised just how big an effect the others were having in that respect until I stopped taking them!

The plus side of being off sick (not that I've actually been sick etc today, just not allowed to go back until tomorrow due to our 'do not return within 24hrs' policy for both staff and kids) is that I've been able to get two loads of washing out on the line - given how much rain we've had lately this is definitely a bonus! I've also done some more of my Ara Reo homework, however having missed class last night it was hardly a case of catching up... a tutorial on Friday should hopefully fill in the gaps. 2nd year is definitely harder than 1st year, but I guess that figures.

Over the last few weeks I've continued to plod along building up my Civil Defence Emergency kit - I scrounged a camping stove off William a few weeks ago when I realised we had nothing to cook on in the event of a power cut (and we'd just had 3 in the previous 48hrs! Thankfully none of them over a meal time). Of course we've had no power cuts since but that stands to reason dunnit. There seems to be a huge drive at the moment to try to get Kiwis more prepared - Countdown have a series of awareness adverts on the tv looking at what to put in your kits (obviously pointing out the things they sell along the way!) and The Warehouse have a stand now labled 'Emergency Kits' with torches, camping stoves, buckets etc on it. I'm not quite at the point of wanting to spend $50 on a 5 gallon bucket complete with a toilet seat and lid though it has to be said ($10 for a lidded nappy bucket is probably a more likely option!) although given friends of mine in Christchurch are still using a portapotty which they empty into a tank down the street after 9 months maybe that loo seat would be worth it. Tummy bugs do focus your attention on issues around being able to go to the loo.

Speaking of Christchurch, I'm off there in a few weeks en route to Hokitika to see Ryan and Sean in the term break (well and the rest of the family obviously but I promised Ryan & Sean I'd visit them, hence the trip). Te Koru roopu iti at kindergarten are rather concerned about this fact and keep telling me that they are worried about me going, just as well kindergarten has a blog site so I can update it to let them know I've safely arrived at 'Sean's house' (Sean was at our kindergarten before they moved) - ash clouds, tornados, earthquakes and any other natural disasters permitting of course!

But there are a few more weeks of term to get through first and who knows what they'll bring.