Sunday, March 26, 2006

to do or not to do...

Ok, ok, I get the hint - time to put pen to paper again so as to speak!

Where to start?

Probably where I should be starting right now is the final stretch on the youthworker course on the grounds that it is supposed to be finished by the end of March and there isn't much of it left... but I should also be thinking about the session at YFs that Marion and I are doing in a fortnight on Eco/Ethical living... and having got so close to finishing putting together the front of the patchwork quilt I'm working on I really want to get it done and on to the next stage, not to mention the next quilt (although that probably requires me to mop the Quaker Centre floor first as it is the only space big enough - without moving furniture - that I can spread it all out flat, and I'm blowed if I'm going to get crumbs and any spilt soup on it from the impromptu YFs lunch we had there today).

I should also have brought in the washing that I've just remembered is still out on the line getting damper in the night air rather than dry.

However instead of all the above I'll wish Mum a Happy Mothers day (I'll ring you in the morning Mum - my morning, not yours...) and toddle back across to the house and go to bed soon.

It has been a long day with a lot in it - much food for thought. We had the bible study group this morning which I am realising is a lot like an English Lit group in a way as we grapple with what was the author trying to convey by.... how do we interpret that now? What meaning does that have for us in our own lives (if any)? Can we relate to that sentiment/experience?

Meeting for Worship was one of the best I have ever been to in Wellington - even though there were about 6 or 7 pieces of Ministry which usually for me is a bit much. It felt incredibly gathered, the Ministry flowed and 'spoke to my condition'. Having an impromptu lunch together afterwards was great - definitely something we should do more often - soup for 10 at the drop of a hat? Only 10? No worries! I've served my apprenticeship well =)

The evening has been spent in deep conversation with a dear Ffriend with the wonderful realisation that we've been able to reach out to each other on a far deeper level than before with such an incredible amount of openess, trust and comfort in a way that often takes years and/or many ups and downs to reach.

So much to do, much of it needing done now if not yesterday yet it feels like not a moment of the day could have been spent any better, any more wisely, any more productively in the greater scheme of life. So the rest will just have to wait.

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