Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I feel like my head is struggling to keep up at the moment - there is a huge debate going on through the YFs email list here about a proposed session on spirituality, those who want a session to explore this and those who feel excluded by the term - both very eloquently putting forward their views... there are a few posts brewing about that but not ready yet.

Also I'm trying to pull stuff together for my residency application, deal with some contentious issues in Meeting that have arisen basically about the job description of a particular role and whether that is being fulfilled or not (not being the more relevant word...), at least the Cuba St Carnival costume I was making for someone is done and has been worn and MM Camp is over so that's two things ticked off my to do list! But the Wellington Flickr photo exhibition still has work to be done before it opens on the 8th and I seem to have a few workshops to help plan and run over the next few weeks and I'm facilitating Hearts & Minds sesisons to boot....

At least my promised shiny new washing machine arrived yesterday so I now get the equivalent of two loads done in one go and what's more it's quiet and quicker - woo hoo! Never thought I'd get quite so excited about a washing machine... but given that just about every towel and sheet has been washed in the last few days due to high guest numbers and turnover it feels heaven sent. It's going to be very strange when I return to just having my own clothes, towels and bedding to wash and them not having to join the queue for space on the line.

Much as in theory I probably ought to be trying to earn some money again soon the idea of having a couple of months to just catch up with myself instead has a huuuuuuge appeal. Which reminds me I still need to get out on that bike and get myself fit before I find myself miles from anywhere for 10 weeks!

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