Thursday, February 12, 2009

under the weather

Well whilst some of my friends are willing the temperature to rise above 30'F I'm willing it to drop below 30'C... we have had some ridiculously hot weather the last few weeks - especially last weekend. This week the drought was finally broken and our water tanks went from holding 5 days worth of water (filched from the creek, the rainwater supplies having been used up a while ago) to over a months worth in one day! However the temperatures still keep creeping up albeit not quite as high but the resulting humidity is just as stifling.

As you can imagine this is leaving us with a lot of hot, tired and bothered children and some very tired staff at work. It's getting to brain-malfunction point and those who are pregnant have resorted to borrowing the cold pack we keep in the freezer for bumps and bruises to mop their weary brows!

However it must be said the most fun we've had there in ages was a couple of days ago during the tropical downpour. At first teachers were bringing the kids inside which to me seemed a bit crazy given that we'd been hosing them down the week before, why miss out on a giant sprinkler system? But then a few of us decided pretty much simultaneously that we were happy to get wet and the next thing we knew we had half the kids out there running around with the biggest grins on their faces, shrieking with laughter as they ran under the water pouring off the shade sails and overflowing from the spouting. It took a few bumps to persuade them to keep off the wet decking as it turned into an ice rink with all the surface water and in the interests of safety (and our sanity) we had to keep them off the slide which had turned into a water shute, but without a pool to land in.

The mud that was created and enormous puddles on the grass meant the stopping of the rain did not signal the end of the days entertainment. You know those photos of Glastonbury on a wet year? Well lets just say our new shower tub got a lot of use that day!

Pigs and ducks couldn't have been happier =)

The weather forecast is for another downpour tonight and tomorrow. I think I'll pack a change of clothes for work in the morning....

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