Thursday, May 21, 2009

exercise in disbelief

I'm housesitting, well actually dog-sitting, tonight for F/friends in Ahipara. They've gone down to Auckland to meet F/friends off a plane from the States, the first installment of another Quaker family coming to live in the area. Northwest YM will soon account for about half our Meeting here in the Far North!

When I told some of my colleagues where I was staying tonight I was met with horrified looks...
'But how are you going to get there?'
'Walk' I replied, somewhat bemused.
'Do you want a lift? I can take you?' (offering to drive in completely the opposite direction from home up a dead end road)
'No it's alright thanks, I'll be fine. I'm used to walking'
'Have you ever walked up Tasman Heights before?' (sounding totally disbelieving that I'd even consider it)
'No, but I've been up it, I know what it's like. My parents lived at the top of a hill like that for 20 years, I'll be fine!'
'Are you sure? You're crazy!'

Well, I accept it is a slightly longer road than Cooper Lane but I'm pretty sure it's no steeper and in any case it has flat bits part way. What's more I got a stunning view of the sun setting over the ocean on the way up!

It never ceases to amaze me why walking or cycling anywhere is considered to be such a strange idea by so many of my colleagues, most of whom head straight for the gym after work to spend an hour on an exercise bike doing 'spin' workouts etc. Personally I think they are the crazy ones...

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