Thursday, September 10, 2009

does anyone recognise this song?

Back around Easter 1989 I was given a compilation tape (remember those?). The sound quality was a bit dodgy but having seen the state of the ghetto blaster it was recorded on it wasn't that bad really! And what's more the track listing was (and still is!) fantastic and led to me spending years collecting the various tracks on cd so I could recreate the well worn and much loved compilation in a more durable format.

However I remained completely stuck on one track. Partly because Gavin didn't know what it was called or who recorded it! He told me at the time he'd got it on a compliation from Jack Kelly and he called it 'The Leaving Song' which was apparently about as much info as Jack had provided.

Over the years I've played to to various people but to no avail. The vocal sound is a bit Nick Drake-ish, with acoustic guitar and a saxaphone solo. Google hasn't come up with anything when I've put the lyrics in (shame on you Pete!).

So, 20yrs on I'm back to picking people's memories and hoping someone recognises the lyrics - I'm afraid my limited grasp of technology doesn't enable me to somehow copy the crackly tape into a digital format to play on here...

‘The Leaving Song’

You pull (put?) a face as the train pulls away.
My heart’s running on
But my feet seem to stay.
Night’s closing in
I don’t want to sleep.
My heart’s running on
And my love’s running deep.

And there’s nothing to see
And I’m turning away.
But the train’s still in view
So I’m turning to stay.
Forcing a smile in that lonely place
I’m guessing because I left my cigarettes in your case.

Blood’s running thick
My blood’s running free
But no-one gives a damn because
There’s no-one to see.
I’m hurting inside
And I’m hurting the world.
My temper’s quick
I feel so sick
Because I’ve lost the pearl
My fingers curled around

It’s stupid because
I know my anger’s wrong.
It’s stupid because
I know you won’t be long.
But still I miss you
More than everything else.
I suppose more than anything
I am angry with myself.

(sax solo then repeat last two ‘verses’)


sebastian rozenberg said...

it's waiting like mad by ben watt, from the album north marine drive.


Anna Dunford said...

thanks Sebastian, I forgot to leave a comment on here to say that Douglas tracked down what it was for me a few weeks ago. Now I have the track and a complete revamped version of that much loved compilation tape again, only 20yrs later....! Must get hold of the full album though, I've listened to snippets of the other tracks on Amazon and it sounds like the rest is just as good.

Ana Cecilia Quintero Luckert said...

ohhh that's right!!! it's the north marina drive, and the whole album is very good... I don't understand why is the only in its class from ben watt... I wish and look forward to listen to other album like this from him...