Saturday, January 14, 2012


I've spent a hefty chunk of the last couple of days making curtains. Between going back and forth to Empire Mart (something of an Aladdin's Cave) to get a sample length to pin up and see if it looked ok, enough to do my bedroom (2 windows) and then again today to get enough to do Phyllis' before they sell out plus measuring up, cutting out, stitching and sewing it soon adds up! I've still got Phyllis' room to do but we're getting a new curtain rail in there so I daren't cut anything until I'm sure exactly what we'll need!

It is amazing what a difference new curtains makes, especially when the previous ones were almost as old as me and looked older! It continues the transformation of this room from a rarely used spare room to 'my room' too. Gradually through some judicial reorganising and a little clearing out I've gained a couple more of the bookshelves for my stuff lately - I'm still a looooong way off having all my books here though. It has been interesting looking at the books on the shelves here a bit more closely as I move them around, it's amazing what gems turn up when you actually get to read the blurb on the back rather than just a faded spine. I've quite a few earmarked for this years reading list now.

The only down side to putting up new curtains is it makes everything else start to look shabbier... ah well, one step at a time. Curtains I can do, wallpapering I'd definitely need help with! Time to recruit some help methinks....

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