Saturday, January 19, 2013

update on life

For anyone wondering where my life is going now, post redundancy here is a bit of an update. Basically I still have no idea!

On Boxing Day I headed off to join just over 70 other Quakers for Summer Gathering down near Pukerau outside of Gore on the Mainland. With Meeting for Worship every day and lots of F/friends very good at asking the difficult but needful questions I had wondered if perhaps inspiration would come as to my next direction but instead I came away with an even longer Quaker to do list and the realisation that there really was no point in trying to find a 'proper job' until March at least as I had so much else on my plate until then.

Two reports for Documents in Advance, a considerable amount of legwork on YM Nominations and about half way through the MM end of year accounts later I'm rather glad not to be trying to fit in a real job as well just yet! Especially as I still have to finish the accounts, plan a seminar weekend and keep plodding away to to find a way to ensure that JYF Camp happens in July this year that doesn't mean me doing it on my own...

I've also been asked if I'm available for something else in the winter and now I'm wondering if maybe a 'proper job' can wait until after that! Luckily some odds and ends of work to help out friends/whānau have been put my way so financially it isn't totally unrealistic if I can also get some relieving work in Terms 1 & 2.

The fact that things keep turning up is leading me to think that this is how things are meant to be right now. Being available to help out where and when needed certainly looks like keeping me busy for a while yet that is for sure!

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