Friday, June 20, 2014

to use or not to use...

I while back I was pondering on the use of plastics in gardening after Cherice's EcoLent postings. I meant to get around to do some research into this. But whilst I did get around to throwing away the disintegrating tubs in the potting shed, looking into what the interweb had to offer in terms of collective wisdom somehow fell off the 'to do list'. Not all that surprising really I suppose as my energy levels still aren't that great and brain fog keeps sneaking back in. However good ol' Facebook came to the rescue and a link to this article about plastic in the garden popped into my feed this week!

I guess it make sense to follow the plastics mantra if you wouldn't put it in a baby's mouth don't put it in your garden - although there are plenty things your average baby will put in their own mouths that I'd rather not even think about!

I like 'The bottom line: Until a better alternative comes along, some reusable plastics are still a good bet, energywise', it is reminiscent of George Fox's advice to William Penn 'Wear it as long as thou canst' - recognising we can't make every change straight away in our lives, but we should do what we can when we can.

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