Monday, November 14, 2005

being a good sport

Having been asked over the last couple of days a few times where was I from originally (as in where I grew up) I have been rather careful how I've answered - Holmfirth, 'Last of the Summer Wine Country' is fairly safe... if clarification is required it is currently a good idea to know if the questioner is a rugby league fan or not before replying 'near Huddersfield' given the drubbing the All Blacks just received there from Great Britain... just as well it is a sport I'm fairly indifferent to (altho' my loyalties may well get tested when they play Scotland at rugby union)

However I am into my cricket and am rather miffed at there being no online audio coverage of the Test matches in Pakistan - I know TMS is on long wave but coverage doesn't reach quite this far! Bah humbug (and it isn't even Christmas... yet). Anyway at least England are putting up a good show so far - altho' they'd probably do even better if the commentators didn't get so excited with their glowing predictions as soon as things look anything other than dismal, it's practically guarenteed to mean the loss of another wicket. Sod's law Trescothic got out just short of a double century (again). Ah well. Si/Bri/Ken/Net I hope you're managing to watch some of it for me =)

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