Saturday, November 05, 2005

QYP 1987-2004

I wanted to included this in the previous post but it seemed to lose me half the text if I did, oh well this gives me room for names =)

So, QYP'ers from 1987 - 2004 who were at WGYF...

1987 - Rosie, Ute & Anna
1989 - Mike & Ana Gabriella
1997 - Anke & Barbara
1996 - Karen
1998 - Emilano, Anneke, Christina & Aidan
2000 - Louisa, Hanna, Johanna, Anna
2002 - Ruadhan
2004 - Amy-Jean, Jane, Tamara, Geoffrey & David


Sandy said...


My name is Sandy Zelazny and I went on QYP 2004, and I know some of the people in this picture. I know Geoffrey, Amy and David, and possibly others...the problem is, I am terrible at keeping touch with people and I'm getting nostalgic, so I was searching the internet for a list of names of participants of QYP 2004, and I came across your site...any ideas?

Sandy said...

This is Sandy again. PS - you can email me at

Thankyou!! :)

Anna Dunford said...

Hi Sandy, if you email me annadunford (at) I'll pass you along to those who were at WGYF! Also if you contact the QYP Committee through the FWCC EMES office ( they should have a full list etc