Wednesday, April 04, 2007

mission accomplished, over and out

well, almost.

By the end of YF Camp it really did feel like time to hang up my boots as a YF. Not for any negative reasons, I had a great time and felt very much a part of things - in fact I was possibly the only one there who had met every single one of the 52 present before. But 20 years of YF events (even with a long break part way through!) is I feel enough. Not only that but I got a sense by the end of Camp that Aotearoa New Zealand Young Friends Meeting had really found it's feet. Sure I'll carry on helping support the Committee, but from the sidelines.

Leaving Wellington had a similar feel on the YF front, there are others who will make sure YFs meet regularly between the monthly SOYFA evenings, there are others who will make sure no-one drifts off and gets lost unwittingly. I'm not able to say the same about the rest of the Meeting, that I feel I left with a long way to go and no real sense of how what is needed can happen, but at least some things are being talked about openly that haven't really been addressed for some time if at all.

Having shifted now from Te Ūpoko o Te Ika to Te Hiku o Te Ika a Maui - from the head of the fish to the tail of the fish of Maui (ie North Island - confusingly the tail is at the top!) there are new opportunities, new challenges, a new mission?

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