Saturday, March 31, 2007


It all feels a bit strange here at the moment. A bit of a limbo period. It's like I've mentally moved out but not yet physically .

This place doesn't feel or look like mine any more, sure there are still the marks of me having been here - various creations of mine such as framed photos, flax weavings, patchwork etc are around but there's John & Alan's stereo on the book case, my books are all gone, it's disconcertingly tidy... and the orange, golds and russets have been replaced with blues - ok so I did that before they arrived (to match the new curtains) but my head hasn't got used to it yet, and they just aren't really my colours. Plus I'm back in my old room, now a guest bedroom!

Also I don't have a key for 'my door' anymore, just the 'guests door' - when John & Alan went out earlier they locked it behind them (as I can't!) and it felt really bizarre. A bit like when I got home last night and they'd locked it before going to bed (thankfully I still had a key for it then!) - yet that same morning I'd come through to make breakfast and noticed Julian had dropped his suitcase off before I'd got up, he'd just let himself in the unlocked door and then headed off without waking me up (cheers Julian, I need that lie-in!). I've not locked that door except for when I've gone out further than the dairy or Post Office for so long now, it just doesn't occur to me to, despite living in what amounts to the city centre. But some people just don't live like that. I guess owning nothing worth nicking makes such a cavalier attitude to security somewhat easier but there's a large part of me that's always found the 'fierce feathers' story of early Friends amidst the American Indians really inspiring and for many years I've hankered after an opportunity to put such faith into practice. I did to some extent at various times in Edinburgh, but usually unintentionally!

Altho' I've various goodbyes to do and a list of things I still want to do in Welly before I leave I'd quite like to just be on my way now. I'm itching to start the next phase of life, to move on and see what happens...

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