Friday, August 13, 2010


My apologies for my extended absence from the blogosphere. I didn't stop reading other people's blogs but it just got a bit too difficult to write.

Basically it felt like too much was happening at once and so much of it was "other peoples' news" rather than my own it didn't feel quite right to be blogging about it as it unfolded, yet to write and not mention it seemed superficial given how much it was all preoccupying my mind.

So here I am several months down the line... what has changed? Well in some ways things have slowed down a little and breathing space has been had, time to cogitate and put things into a different perspective. Time, as they say, is a great healer. Not that everyone is healed either emotionally or physically in some cases, yet my ability to cope with it all has improved.

Since I last blogged various people very dear to me have had a lot dumped on their plate - losing a baby at 8mths pregnant, discovering a brain tumour (benign but not far off inoperable due to location) and another with a bowel tumour. Two are watching their mothers go through the final stages of advanced cancer and another watching far too many of his fellow sufferers of Cystic Fybrosis die before they get the transplants or advances in medical science they need. Added to that are marriage breakdowns, assorted medical diagnosis of a less life-threatening kind yet still life long impact and another got bad news from the oncologist this week.

Daffodil Day is coming round soon.... if only it were no longer needed.

It hasn't all been doom and gloom by a long way though - a fantastic holiday on the Mainland (the South Island) tiki touring around with an old friend from uni days (first time round, not recent studies!), and unexpected bonus trip to Sydney for the w/e and a chance to catch up with Natalie (uni 2nd time!) and her boys.

I've got a new job at my existing work place - a job share with an old colleague who I'd been sad to leave behind when I went to kindergarten. Great getting to work with her again =) However I managed to get sick for over 6 weeks and have only just started my new post and hours. I think I've just about got to grips with my new timetable though.

And... I'm planning a trip back to the UK for Christmas and Hogmanay (plus a bit!) to catch up with friends and family. A real bonus as I'd been expecting to have to wait until 2012 for that to happen again. Big thanks to those making it possible!

I'll try to be a bit better (ok, a lot better!) at blogging more regularly again now life is starting to settle into a new routine - but no promises eh?!

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Liz in the Mist said...

Thanks for the update, but sorry to hear about all the struggles in the lives of those around you. I will be praying!