Sunday, August 15, 2010

mission impossible?

After several weeks (months?) of inactivity on the sewing front I've been making a concerted effort over the last month to catch up on what I have variously heard referred to as PHDs - Projects Half Done, UFOs - UnFinished Objects and work-in-progress.

I have finally finished a plaited rag rug that had been frustrating me for months. Eventually after unpicking it several times as it was turning into more of a bowl than a mat I gave up trying to follow the instructions I had and sewed it together my own way!

I've finished a patchwork-edged and appliqued blanket having discovered a cunning technique that got me over my fear of applique edges - cheers Natalie, if you'd not sent me the link to the bibdana pattern who knows when it would have got done!

I'm now making good progress with a quilt that I'd ground to a halt with at an early stage as the intended recipient sadly didn't live to see it, however I'm still making it for the family. It's taken me a while and a few rethinks as to what to do with it. I'm trying to decide whether to turn it from a cot sized quilt to a single bed or family sized one....

I've even cleared my mending pile!

But there in my cupboard, discovered when looking for something else (as you do!) is a project that I can't actually remember how long I've had waiting completion, other than it is at least 7yrs old as I know where I was living when I started it! The only reason I stopped work on it was my sewing machine died on me at the time. As it was a wedding present it got replaced with something else (I've now forgotten what!) and so once the machine was fixed any urgency had long gone and it went to the back of the queue.... time I bumped it up to the top again methinks as I'm hoping to see the (thankfully still happily married) couple in a few months!

However, whilst I work through this pile of projects I'm aware that there are more babies being born, birthdays slipping past and Christmas presents to be thought about and made! Will I ever catch up? Probably not....

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