Monday, January 02, 2006

baking in Blenheim

Ok, so I said I wouldn't be writing for a fortnight and here I am the next day - well, broadband and time to spare was too good an opportunity to miss...

For anyone reading this in Wellington (er, Fran?) who heard about the planes being cancelled and everyone being sent home to try again tomorrow don't worry I got here ok, I'm not still at the airport. The nice guy at the Air NZ desk said he'd heard that story so many times and then flights had left two hours later so would I like to try for a later flight? I did and lo and behold the 12.30 left only 5 minutes late, and I got to watch the cricket highlights whilst waiting =)

However it must be said I now understand why Gill entreated me never to fly into or out of Wellington - we were in a piddly plane (a Beech 1900D for the Aidan's of this world) which seated 20 plus two pilots. There were just 7 passengers including a somewhat terrified teenager. To be fair we had been watching 120kph winds for the previous 2 hours, the small planes were all tied down to the ground and when they did start the engines on ours the lefthand propellor took a disconcertingly long length of time to start turning. I must admit I was rather glad we were taking off from Welly not landing as the take off bore a remarkable similarity to a ride on the Ultimate (a rollercoaster oft frequented on Quaker summer gathering outings!). The views coming into Blenheim were stunning - classic LOTR scenery, but as it was still a bit bouncy I doubt very much if the photos I tried to take will come out. An 'interesting' flight but all in all probably preferable to the 3 1/2 hour ferry crossing my 4 guests from last night embarked upon this morning. We'll swap notes when we get to Ranfurly!

So Mum, what is it to be - ferry or plane to get to South Island?!! You can get bigger planes don't worry, they just don't come to Blenheim.

It's been too hot here to do anything other than sit inside and blether this afternoon, Carole & I even let Brian get a word or two in edgeways! We're off for a walk along the river after tea to exercise more than just our vocal chords. Hope it's cooler tomorrow, it could be a very long bus ride to Christchurch otherwise....

(Oh and how come I had to come all the way here to find out what Danny looks like Lynn? Good pics from Dot & Dave's party - didn't expect to see you with long hair tho'!)

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Lovin' Life Liz said...

Glad to hear you are safe, hope you have fun trip! I was at a midweek meeting for worship tonight and had a vision of your face, and whenver that happens I hold the person in the Light, so just wanted to let you know I will continue to hold you in the Light!