Sunday, January 01, 2006

we're all going on our summer holidays....

...sun and laughter for a week or two' ok, that's enough of that, Cliff that is, not the summer holidays!

Tomorrow morning I leave GFH in the capable hands of various relievers and head down to South Island, first stop Blenheim to visit my Mum's cousin, then Christchurch to hopefully see one of my Dad's (2nd) cousins and get my lift to Summer Gathering - an all age Quaker event for 8 days, this time in Ranfurly so I'll get to see some of Central Otago.

At least this year we don't get the incredulous looks Ngaruawahia produced when you said where you were going for your holidays (where it was held last year - it's near Hamilton and well at first I thought it was a bit mean to name a place after Hamilton - then I went there). Altho' next year it is being held up the Hutt Valley at Silverstream, a location more commonly known for being where the civic dump is, altho' there is also a Railway Museum there with steam trains (no prizes for guessing which outing I'll be picking. One childhood fascination I have never quite grown out of), and it is on the edge of the Rimutaka range with some great picnic options. However the joys of that are still way off (thankfully as somehow I seem to be on the organising committee for it... shock horror, now there's a novelty) and this year I get to enjoy SG with 'just' a WGYF session to do with Fran, Jonathan and Charlotte and help out with the JYFs (13-15 yr olds). You know one day I'll get to go to an event again purely as a participant... one day, maybes.

So, it means I'll be out of internet range for a couple of weeks and thus not blogging, emailing, skypeing, messaging or whatever. So much for any bright ideas about New Years resolutions to stay in touch better - dashed before they are started. Not much new there then =)

So Happy New Year to you all - have a good one, and I'll catch up with you again in a fortnight (er, that's 2 weeks time for you N. Americans!)

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