Saturday, April 01, 2006

on the map

I first came across the Frappr Quaker map through a posting on Quaker Blogwatch and it has been interesting to see it grow, especially since the WGYF crowd started getting in on the act! The thing with blogsites is that you don't always know where someone is writing from, even if they tell you it doesn't always follow that you have a scooby as to where they are without a serious amount of detective work with an atlas (or at least running it through Google Earth!). It's good for me too to get a better idea as to the geography of the different strands of Quakerism within the States - hopefully as more people register a more acurate representation will be shown.

Now if I could link this is with the Online Meeting for Worship I'd be able to tell where people were rather than getting distracted 'in Meeting' trying to work it out!

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