Friday, May 19, 2006

a bright, bright sunshiny day

It's one of those days that puts a spring in my step and makes a quick trip out to the bank and the shops turn into a meander around the waterfront and a chance to enjoy the blue skies, sunshine and slight nip in the air and the distinct lack of southerley gale or pouring rain that seems to have predominated the Wellington weather lately.

I could have done with having a child around to borrow (or another big kid to play with! Where are the Tailbys when I need them?) as I was definately in a playpark mood but I settled instead for running over the boulders and balancing along the wateredge in Waitangi Park as I watched the next stage of the park being planted up with native plants. I love the combination of textures, colours and shapes in Waitangi Park and the way they've used water - I should take some more photos really but I'm sort of waiting until they've finished it so I'm not trying to avoid the construction fences and so on. The photo exhibition has gone now which is a shame in some ways but gives a great sense of spaciousness instead.

The literal spring in my step was hampered a wee bit by shoes that don't quite fit properly so having dithered about doing so for about 6 months (my trainers are now starting to fall apart so it's now more a case of need than want) I went and bought some 'No Sweat' canvas shoes from TradeAid. A bit of an ouch on the pocket but soothing on the conscience and far more comfortable on my feet than what I was wearing! However they do look rather conspicuously bright and new... no doubt that won't last long - I hope.


Pete said...

Sometimes when you're playing it feels like you can be present in the moment and in a daydream at the same time.

Sebastian said...

That woman in no sweatshoes frontpage REALLY looks like Rosa.
I've now made feel guilty for owning converse. Kurt Cobain type simplicity.