Friday, May 26, 2006

don't you just love it when...

... things like this happen:

I've spent a good chunk of today trying to work out how I can manage to contrive being able to earn some money here in order to be able to afford to stay longer. There's an idea or two floating around that I'm not entirely convinced I could make a good case of to the immigration dept about but would certainly help me out financially and take workload pressure off someone else. However there is also the possibility of being creative and applying for a 'variation of conditions' to my existing visa which would enable me to earn some money from elsewhere but I'd need a darned good supply of supporting documentation and cast iron case as to why it was a legitimate extension of me being here under the Minister of Religion missionary clause etc.... (despite the fact that I'm neither a Minister of Religion nor a missionary, but that's by the by!)

There are some reasonable suggestions around as to how this could happen but nothing concrete as yet.

Then I logged on to the online Meeting for Worship whilst I waited for Mum & Dad to realise that I was trying to 'phone' them and the opening passage of ministry was this:

today's ministry:

aotearoa/new zealand yearly meeting, questions & counsel, e5:
Obey the laws of the state, except when they conflict with your inner conviction. Work to amend laws which you consider unjust. If you feel called to civil disobedience, seek the guidance and support of your meeting.

Obey the laws of the State (ie don't try to pull the wool over the eyes of Immigration!), except when they conflict with your inner conviction (definitely an inner conviction that I need to be able to stay here - and I mean need, not just want). Work to amend laws which you consider unjust (well they aren't so much unjust, I just need to get creative within them!). If you feel called to civil disobedience (probably not a good idea, I don't want to get deported - even though as Daniel pointed out the other night it would save me a plane fare!), seek the guidance and support of your meeting. (now that is exactly what I need to do to manage to get my visa extended timewise should I not manage to come up with an alternative to switching to a time limited tourist visa come April '07!)

Ah yes, and it's from Aotearoa/New Zealand YM - hmmm, d'you think someone/thing is trying to tell me something here?!

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Pete said...

Is there a time limit on your missionary visa? A lot of missionaries have a team of sponsors, who although they are not in a position to be doing what you do, are able to offer financial support regularly. Have you investigated this? I know the Spirit led you to our country and needs you here at the moment. Surely you wouldn't be brought here just to be sent up the creek without a paddle.