Wednesday, September 21, 2005

got it =)

I am now the proud possessor or a nice new shiny work visa in my passport and a plane ticket to Wellington! Wahey!

The visa only lasts until April 21st 2007 but as long as I can get an x-ray proving I haven't contracted TB I can get an extention once I'm there.

The immigration officer wasn't going to give it to me on the spot at first but somehow she changed her mind, and it looks like finally getting my act together with a crb check (criminal records check, needed here for working with children & young people) has paid dividends too as that means getting an extension will be far easier. The thought of trying to get verification done from Wellington doesn't bear thinking about...

I'm sitting in FWCC World Office, Elizabeth Duke is here labeling archives of photos and Bronwyn & Ben (my EMES replacement) were both here this morning so there's a real mish mash of old, current and new FWCC folk! I bumped into Elizabeth in the corridoor in Friends House on my way to get my visa - she's from Dunedin, so I took this as a good sign, then as I approached Euston Station to get the tube there were copies of the free paper for kiwi's in London which seemed like another good sign! These things usually seem to come in threes but if there was a third I missed it... but I'm not complaining.

So, I fly out of Heathrow at 4.15pm on Thusrday 13th October and arrive Wellington 9am Saturday 15th October, going via Los Angeles - sorry Clare & Aimee, Seattle is out this time around. However it does mean I'll be back in London again and will hopefully manage to catch up with those of you I miss this time! =)

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Frances said...

Marion told me this morning... one of us will be there at the airport to pick you up when you get here and force you to stay awake until it gets dark!