Monday, September 12, 2005

Thank Kate... I think!

Well when Kate heard I needed a Missionary Visa to go and work as Resident Friend in Wellington she pleaded with me to let her set this up for me so here it is....

... so get all jokes about missionary positions down under out of your system now please!

Ok, that's quite enough of that.

I've just sorted out going down to London for my visa - I've got all the bits of paper I need (I think/hope/pray/etc) so in theory all shall be well. Mum and Dad have just been here for a few days and have taken two car loads of stuff into storage for me and a rather random selection of stuff back home with them. I did try persuading them that their attic needed filling up with my boxes but they seemd to think that they had quite enough of their own and just to make sure I didn't try persuading them otherwise they arranged to give a lift to a friend of theirs to Bathgate and back which seemed a bit drastic!

I'm finding the dual processes of wrapping up the World Gathering of Young Friends and the rest of my life in one go rather a lot to get my head around. What's more the cricket keeps distracting me so quiet time for reflection has been at somewhat of a premium of late. However the Ashes all hangs on tomorrows play and then life can resume what passes for normality again these days - well at least I can go back to trying to concentrate on one thing at a time instead of having one ear on the TMS commentary!

I'm hoping to share thoughts on WGYF as well as life in Wellington here as I gradually get my head around it all (and as I find time to listen to the sessions I missed due my administrative duties at the event!) The WGYF website is if anyone is interested - the sessions are gradually all being uploaded as audio files along with reports etc.

But right now I guess I ought to send around an email telling people that this is now here!

love & light

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kt said...

who me?! not guilty. I NEVER made a single comment about a new quaker version of the kama sutra....