Wednesday, September 28, 2005

ticking off the days - 2 weeks tomorrow!

I leave Edinburgh 2 weeks tomorrow, a fortnight, 14 days... um, has anyone seen September? I seem to have mislaid it...

Still need to work out just how I'm getting to London - I usually try to avoid making UK internal flights but the convenience of leaving my bags in left luggage at Heathrow overnight is speaking volumes! However I think I'm probably still in credit with the Trees for Africa scheme carbon neutralising all the flights I've made over the last 18months plus my upcoming flight so I reckon I can probably justify it to myself. I've opted for the leisurely start to the journey and go to London the night before so I start the long haul after a long lie and a decent shower rather than the horrendously early start and catlick that would be on the cards if I travelled down the same day. Me no like mornings....

I finally saw the extended version of Return of the King at Simon & Susie's on Sunday!!! Sigh... not convinced about the demise of Sauruman and if you haven't read the book then I can see that the Eowyn/Faramir scene would seem a bit out of the blue but I'll forgive Peter Jackson his tinkering... roll on 'The Hobbit' =) It was just amazing to see the scenery all again knowing it won't be long before I'm back there. Si & Susie have just bought their tickets to come over in Jan/Feb - wahey!!

I'm feeling somewhat in limbo - I've packed almost as much as I can, and I've even managed to sort out my piles of paperwork (I got two file boxes down to one, admittedly fat, envelope!) - it feels like all the big things have been done now and there's just the wee things left (oh and cancelling the gas, leccy, phone...whoops). So I find myself twiddling my thumbs wishing the time away faster - then I actually start to write down all the things I want to/need to do and suddenly 2 weeks doesn't seem very long! (Plasir du Chocolat anyone? I really need to tick that off my Edinburgh 'must do' list before I leave....)

So I suppose I should really get back to my 'to do' list whilst I do still have time.... which reminds me - has anyone else got room to store the Link Group resources box?!

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