Thursday, December 29, 2005

rubbing it in

Ok, here goes.... I spent most of the afternoon sitting on a bench by the beach at Oriental Bay in a strappy top, short skirt and sandals - complete with sunblock, sunhat and sunshades (the shirt stayed in my bag, well, 3 out of 4 isn't bad). I'm not sure if the lads picked that bench before we saw the girls in bikinis on the beach below us or not... I am however prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt as it was the first empty one we came to!

When I got home I caught up with a few blogs and emails and came across a reference to the weather back in Britain which being me I duely checked out.

Now have a look at the webpage - the article lead paragraph says 'Snow has brought disruption to roads and railways in eastern parts of England and Scotland.' And just where in the rest of the entire thing is there any mention of how bad or where the snow is in Scotland? Even the Scottish pages of the Beeb website don't elaborate. So is this yet another case of the British media being just a teensie weensie bit biased (for a change) towards the south east of England (even the north only gets mentioned because of the footie being cancelled) or is it a case of no-one really batting an eyelid north of the Watford Gap about it having snowed, after all it is winter for heavens sake.

People wonder here why I am constantly correcting them about the difference between England and Britain (I haven't lived in England for over 12 years...), it's no wonder really that the world outwith British waters doesn't have a clue when the British media is so constantly and consistently biased.

On a totally different tack, you know how (or probably don't if you've never been there!) in Scotland they say pew-geot for peugeot cars not purr-geot as they do in England, well here you get sub-a-roos not sue-ba-roos (Subaru), weird....


flurble said...

here we have kang-a-roos :-)

martin said...

Dunno Anna - may be a factor of the people you mix with. My mum has *always* said "Pur-geot". Something to do with knowing a wee bit French I reckon.

Meanwhile, here in Dunbar, there's maybe 1cm of snow lying overnight from yesterday. Photos later maybe.

Anonymous said...

For 'Eastern England and Scotland' read 'Eastern England and eastern Scotland'. Here in the west of Scotland we've had no snow, just frost and brilliant sunshine, five days of it - just the thing for some good walks after eating so much.


martin said...

Morgan in the Snow.

Pretty much all gone now (the snow, not Morgan).