Monday, February 27, 2006

the bright side of life

It was our bible study group again on Sunday - I'm really quite enjoying it altho' I always seem to end up producing the handouts and doing the reading at the last minute (no shock there then). It's a shame really I wasn't a bit more organised on this particular occassion as if I had then maybe my wandering mind would have got over it's sidetrack before the session and I'd've been able to focus without trying to smoother the giggles which were bubbling away inside me trying to outdo the boiling mud pools around Rotorua.

I mean how is anyone who has gone through Summer School & NFSC with that particular crowd of YFs supposed to take seriously any discussion about whether someone is the Messiah or not? I spent the whole hour trying not to think about the line 'He's not the Messiah! He's a very naughty boy...' oh dear. Ah well I guess Sally, Toms D & W, Stuart, Alex & Ken et al would be proud of me even if no-one else is! What with that and wondering who spilled the beans when Jesus told 'em all not to tell anyone I think I'm fairly safe from any accusations of taking all of this too seriously =) The great thing was tho' when I told Fran about it after Meeting she knew exactly who it had brought to mind without me needing to say!

Other things that have made me smile recently:
- Aidan's suggestion to come and do the haka at Jonathan's wedding, altho' he reckoned his chances of then leaving the country alive might be limited (Leith you are a star for this footage of them at WGYF!)
- Xavier's suggestion of 'Nothing Bucket' as a title for Julian's blog! I said it would be worth asking him =)
- and of course in a big silly cheesey grin kind of way Simon proposing to Susie whilst they were here in Aotearoa NZ - yay!!!! Awww, all very sweet and lovely and it proved that the Quaker grapevine here is in good working order as I got to hear the goss from Christchurch Friends before Si & Su had got home and had had chance to make the big announcement!

And do you know what? (as Xavier would say!) The best bit about it all is the fact that I can link all of these together as the people are almost all interconnected by more than just knowing me, sure they are all Quakers which helps no end but even so we're talking both sides of the globe here... it just takes us back to the 6 degrees of separation theory being shot to pieces (in a non-violent fashion needless to say) as soon as Quakers get a look in on the act. It makes me wonder how many connections there are amongst all of you who read this, beyond the ones I know about that is...


Anonymous said...

It would be wholly inappropriate to do the haka at a wedding. Apart from it being a challenge it is rather warlike and completely out of place for a quaker wedding.

Anna Dunford said...

it wasn't a serious suggestion but a reference to a previous occassion at which - if you watch Leith's footage of it - you will see that Aidan came across as far from warlike! It had us all in stitches at the time and telling Jonathan made him laugh which was what Aidan had intended =)