Thursday, February 02, 2006

procrastination is the thief of time

ok, ok, the washing needs hung out, the floor needs hoovered and I still have a huge pile of invoices to write BUT I was logging off (honest) and I caught sight of my stars on the 'my yahoo' page. Now I'm somewhat skeptical to say the least about generic horoscopes but for some reason I still read them, if nothing else they do make me think about my life and why the horoscope either does or doesn't fit with it.

What caught me eye was this

We all have to make compromises to live in this modern society. You may have strong beliefs, but it is difficult to combine your ideals and your social life. Today, you may wonder if you are prepared to be edged out of society and to fight for your convictions. Shouldn't you try to find a compromise between life itself and your ideals?

It grabbed my attention because right now I am feeling as though I am having to 'fight for my convictions' (unquakerly as though that may sound!) and compromise on this occasion as far as I'm concerned is not an option, so no I don't feel as though I should.

What I would like to see instead is dialogue and understanding gained by someone who to be fair is coming from a point which many in society at large would identify with. Knowing that doesn't make it any easier, nor does having been in a similar situation before - that just makes it scary. Last time I didn't 'fight' but this time I'm not giving up. If that means putting myself out on the edge then so be it - it will be painful trying to sort it out but it can't be worse than not doing so was.

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flurble said...

reading as usual but nothing to say, only, thanks for your last comment on my blog! among mixed reactions it's nice to have a positive one :-)