Tuesday, February 14, 2006

still alive, just not very awake

Well I don't know quite what happened to yesterday, I seemed to have slept through most of it. Ok so it was a busy morning; providing breakfast for B&B guests (again), 3 loads of washing, endless phonecalls, getting rooms ready for the next guests (yay a few days off first tho'!) etc etc. Then after lunch zonk...... my get up and go went back to bed, literally. Next thing I knew it was 7pm - hmmm, in theory I'm either too old or not old enough for an afternoon nap (a bit like railcards) and I'm in the wrong country for a siesta. However the humid weather probably didn't help matters.

Why so tired? I've just had a holiday! Probably too many nights of not sleeping so well, the fact that I seem to have become a human barometer (which I'd quite like to switch off, any suggestions?) as I feel every weather front going past in my head and joints, too many busy days/late-ish nights followed by early mornings (the definite down side to providing breakfasts! The company usually makes up for that though) but I probably shouldn't be that whacked even so.

It was good to have time with Si & Susie - the weather wasn't exactly doing it's best for them and the amazing views across the Hawkes Bay region had to be imagined. Apparently you can see Ruapehu from Te Mata peak, yeah sure and you can see Ireland from the Isle of Whithorn too, just never when I'm there... However the wine festival did it's bit and fortunately the wine was superior to the quality of the band at Matariki - altho' they did play I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) - where was Roz when we needed her eh?!

Recommendations - Moana Park Muscat & Rose, Mission Estate Pinos Griz, Icewine/Eiswine (can't remember how they spelt it) & Sauvingion Blanc, Sacred Hill Late Riesling (or maybe that was from somewhere else... I did write it all down on a piece of paper, along with the time...) and Church Road Viongnier but that was well overpriced compared to the others. Moana Park wines are vegan which is always a bonus. There was something good at Matariki but as it was the last one we got to I was hankering after a cuppa too much by that point to remember what it was... I reckon I drank more that day than I usually drink in a month, if not two (which says more about my usual low consumption levels than how much we drank!)

We also found Te Mata cheese - lots of goats and sheep milk cheeses so I could try some too =) The corn on the cob from one of the farm shops was just divine - so sweet, pity we didn't buy more. Ah well, back to Wellington prices for fruit and veg again now. At least it's still better than Edinburgh prices for the same.

Napier was odd - like a ghost town over the weekend altho' the Waitangi Day sales brought the locals back out of hiding and Mitre 10's carpark proved that holiday Mondays are just as much DIY orientated here as in the UK. Burton's Buildings and the Latham Arch raised the Art Deco's ratings somewhat by name association but on the whole the highlight of the town for us was the Singapore Restaurant on Sunday night!

Anyway I'd best toddle off again, I have the excitement of cleaning the loos before me still today!

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