Thursday, February 02, 2006

off to recharge my batteries

I'm off to Napier on Saturday for Waitangi weekend, nope not the Garvald house where I used to work nor the university in Edinburgh but the east coast art deco town on Hawkes Bay =)

Can't wait...

a) because I'll get to spend time with Simon & Susie (who are over from Edinburgh) who I miss heaps
b) because I'm exhausted and need a break from the intensity of life, work and play all being in the same headspace
c) because I'm hoping that some physical distance between me and Welly will do me some good.

I still love being here but my head hurts and I need time out. Summer Gathering was time away but not really time off. I need time to just be, catching up with all the gossip and news from the rest of the world I left behind me, pootling about letting someone else decide where I'm going next and what to do with my day along with a good supply of hugs. Couldn't have picked a better couple for it. However I'm in a better state than last time we holidayed in New Zealand together 2 yrs ago (for starters you don't get jetlag from an intercity coach journey and I'm better used to the weather!) and that trip was just what I needed, I'm sure this will be too.

The downside of going away is how much I now need to get done before I get the coach, ouch - ho hum, every silver lining has a cloud an' all that....

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