Sunday, June 11, 2006

back home

One of the great things about going down to Christchurch is how warm it feels to come back north!

I'm back in Welly now, catching up with myself and life in general, more photos should be appearing on Flickr in the next few days - one of the films goes back to YF camp so I'll finally find out whether it was my camera or Mel's that the Kissing Game photos were taken on! (that's Ratchet Screwdriver/Wink!).

It was a busy time down south, lots of people to catch up with. Altho as Fran and I spent the evening catching up with each other it did seem a bit bizarre to be doing so in Christchurch rather than Welly! In fact apart from a very small handful of people most of those I spent time with I'm used to seeing elsewhere, either in Wellington, at Quaker residential events or as in Grahame's case in Dunedin.

I stopped off to visit Carole & Brian (mum's rellies) on the way home and actually managed to visit them for a second time in the same house which given the last few years is quite an achievement - despite assurances that they'll stay put for a while now they still keep an eye on the Property Pages...

There are all sorts of things I'd planned to blog about whilst travelling; like seeing the man with the ironing board on the coach to Christchurch and then finding a book on Extreme Ironing in the RF flat (I kid you not - try Googling it!); the ferry south being from the Portsmouth - Cherbourg route (but built in '95 so no chance of me having been on it coming back from the Channel Islands); the ferry back north being from Spain but feeling decidedly like a CalMac ship (and about as sophisticated...); the moonlight on the water heading home; visiting Lyttleton where my rellies arrived in 1879 and much more...

...but they'll have to make do with a quick mention and/or wait as it's Sunday morning and lots to do

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