Friday, June 16, 2006


I've uploaded some more photos to Flickr, there's another film almost finished which should be appearing soon(ish).

This country is so photogenic; the light, the colours, the scenery... so often tho' you just can't capture it all on film and just have to accept that and admire the beauty around you whilst you can.

There are a few photos taken at various dinners held here - somehow what often starts off as a couple of people coming for tea turns into half a dozen; last night being no exception as it was going to be Emily, Fran and me - there were 8 of us in the end... I think the most we've squeezed around the table is 10! Being so central here makes it an obvious meeting point and no-one can say they don't know where it is =)

It's got to the point where Julian feels more like a Welly YF than a visitor due to his work bringing him up here so often, but we still manage to have a fair few other visitors passing through - Beth & Susi somehow escaped the camera though last week along with Margaret & Robert and Co back in April/May, as I think did Daniel (will have to wait for the next film to be sure...). I must admit it was rather odd going to Christchurch YFs with Fran, Charlotte & Julian - and it still being at 'my house', ie a room just off the Resident Friends flat, not where I'm used to seeing them at all!

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