Tuesday, June 13, 2006

the waiting game

At YFs on Sunday Michael & Merilyn talked to us about 'life as Testimony' and about some of the things they'd done in the earlier years of their married life. The concept of being 'led', of 'calling', came up and it hit me that the sense of being pulled along in a certain direction that has been growing is very like that which I've felt before, or is it?

I'm now at the frustrating stage of discernment - where there isn't actually anything you can do about it all apart from wait, let it sit, see what unfolds and ask for guidance... bah humbug.

Meanwhile there's a Summer Gathering to be planned, a whole heap of notes to type up, several loads of washing to do (no change there...) and a busy few days ahead (no change there either!) - oooh, and if I'm quick an early night to be had =)

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