Thursday, July 06, 2006


As we were cooking tea last night I commented to Marion as we discussed our various methods for 'weighing' out rice (a double handed scoop from a sack, a mugfull or 8oz for 3 people!) how the method I use (the mugfull - which turned out to be exactly 8oz!) often reminds me of Simon who taught me that handy tip one YFCC many moons ago. I'm blowed if I can remember his last name - used to go out with Tasha, not that that'll mean much to many, if any, of you... I guess it shows how our lives move on with time - altho' as we are talking about 15 or so years ago it probably isn't that surprising!

But anyway my comment led to a discussion of how all kinds of random things remind us of different people and it left us wondering what kind of everyday things remind others of us...

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Anonymous said...

I am reminded of a poem that I read to a woman I loved many years ago, the spirit of the poem is that we come into contact with many people, some, we want to pass quickly, and others we never want to leave. There are bits and pieces of all of them, they are all a part of the life that is called mine. "Bits and Pieces"

New Zealand is one of those special places on this earth.