Wednesday, July 26, 2006

back again

Well for the first time ever I came around the corner to see the lights of Wellington ahead of me and thought 'oh, Wellington...' rather than 'Yay! Wellington =) '.

The tugs that have been gently working away on me over recent months have grown stronger and the next steps are seeming clearer. Don't quite know how things will all work out (no big change there then!) but there is a clear sense now of it being more than wishful thinking and a bigger picture is beginning to emerge.

But meanwhile I've got my work cut out for me over the next couple of months here and I need to focus on that - children's sleepover, facilitator training weekends, Summer Gathering planning, JYF Camp.... oh and 5 days of helping childmind and a weekend workshop to attend in Christchurch. I'm going to have a my work cut out for me living in the present without dreaming about the future!

Photos slowly appearing on Flickr (be warned - there are lots!) - including the quilt I made for for Sarah & Karl, they don't quite do it justice but you get the general idea...

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Lovin' Life Liz said...

Sounds liek you are very busy, will be holding you in the Light!