Saturday, July 01, 2006


Well I don't know officially how cold it is out there but it can't be far off freezing, and foggy too to boot. Apparently they've had frosts in Auckland which is next to unheard of so so much for me heading to warmer climes! At least it should be warmer in Kaitaia when I get there. After having been caught out more than once by 'unseasonable weather' in this country I'll be packing for pretty much all eventualities!

I've been keeping an eye on the weather a bit more than usual of late as the Desert Road seems to be closed by snow rather more often than I'd like to be hearing about given I'm getting the coach up to Auckland. Pretty as it might make the mountains look I'm sure, I'd rather be confident of safe passage.

Anyway I've still got another 10 days to go before I head north, and as a week is a long time in politics it's certainly a long time in meteorology too so I'll not worry about getting there just yet.

I'll be back in Auckland again in August but I'm not chancing it again - I'm booked on the plane, I'll make it up to the environment some other way.

(Update - it was 4 degrees centigrade this morning - just checked! Don't know what that is in old money but flippin' cold, especially considering the distinct lack of such things as central heating, double glazing and insulation.... )


pete said...

It was less than zero degrees in Auckland this morning, but Aucklanders are just softies. People here were whinging and moaning the other week when they had to do without electricity for four whole hours, and couldn't escape into a mall. The patron saint of Auckland is St. Arrogantus, and we complain to the media when the weather patterns don't fall into line with our personal tastes.

Julian said...

You should try Dunedin. I'm sitting here working at the kitchen table at 6:30 am with two jerseys and a wooly hat on. The only reason I'm not completely freezing is that it's raining, which means it's only one or two degrees below zero (rather than the normal 5 or 6). It's a good thing I like the cold really...

Anna Dunford said...

Well what do you expect if you get up beore sunrise?! You're on holiday for heavens sake - which bit of 'have a lie in' doesn't compute?!