Monday, March 26, 2007

temporary reprieve

Well today the postman brought me my letter from Lothian & Borders Police telling me I wasn't listed on their database and therefore have no charges etc - woo hoo, clean bill of health =) I also managed to pick up my medical forms, bloodtest results and x-ray - I have no TB, nothing abnormal in my bloodtests and 'nothing of significant concern' in terms of my general health (altho' I do appear to have a hernia which has been there for years and finally explains the shooting pains I get with bronchitis each winter!).

So in theory that lot coupled with some banks statements and my passport is enough to keep Immigration happy until October. Apparently they won't throw me out of the country even if it takes longer to process than the 27 days I have left on my current visa as I've asked for it in plenty time - now they tell me!!! I'd been quitely panicking about that one and wondering about a quick trip across the ditch to see Mez and Kylie... much as I'd love to see them I'm quite relieved I can head north in a couple of weeks without having to worry about it all.

Now I just have to work out what on earth I'm supposed to be doing with my life after Sunday when I hand this place over to John and Alan....

.... suggestions on a postcard please.

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