Tuesday, March 27, 2007

where, what and why

I'm going to have to write some new blurb for the boxes on this blog soon as I've only a few more days to go now as Resident Friend!

The kitchen vinyl goes down tomorrow, the new carpet the day after and then John & Alan arrive the day after that... what was that about the renovations just getting finished and I'd be leaving? Well I'm not so sure about 'finished' just yet, there's all the decorating to be done still but at least most of what is left to do is cosmetic now.

Apparently Marion got her knuckles rapped (in a Quakerly fashion of course!) for there not being more of a 'leaving do' for me - in fact she and various other Welly YFs weren't here for it as they were in New Plymouth for WOMAD - but as she said the other day it doesn't really feel like I'm leaving, and anyway I'm not one for a fuss being made! Given that my response to Llyn when he said he was going to have to leave before the speeches was 'so am I!' I'm not exactly complaining that it was a somewhat low key afair =)

I'm not sure when I will be back in Welly again but I know I will be, it'll make a change to pack up and leave here though without the gut-wrenching heartache and sense of near panic which accompanied my two flights onwards to Aussie in 2004 and 2005, had it not been for those meeting me at the other end I doubt if I'd have managed to get on either plane. But this time it feels like it is time to leave, to move on, to follow the call of the north that has been constant and persistant for over a year now.

When I came to Wellington I knew what I was coming to do but not why, this time I only know where I am going - the what and why are being equally elusive this time around - the 'what' being presumably a bit more than feeding the chickens, keeping Cammi company and looking after the house and garden! But maybe not, maybe this really is just genuine 'down time', time to catch up with myself, my quilting (can people just stop getting engaged/married for a bit please?! And Lucy - you aren't planning that fourth child you've always talked about just yet are you...?), and have time to just wait and listen for whatever next comes along.

As to the why I came to Wellington in the end? Well, I'm not entirely sure that I'll work that one out fully for some years yet but I'm getting there - however I think that's for another post!


Lucy said...

Funny you should mention that 4th child Anna...

Been thinking lots about it recently - and today of all days is certainly a day to think about bumps... 1 year ago from now I was mooing my way through my third labour - funny how time flies.

Thank you so much for the quilt- it is absolutely gorgeous - the colours are fantastic *grin*

Anna Dunford said...

Glad you like it and it arrived safely - hope it doesn't clash with all that pink... =)