Thursday, August 10, 2006

guardian angels?

I think the guardian angels Sarah's cards referred to are looking after me at the moment. I can't quite otherwise explain what has become an almost daily occurance since getting back from up north.

I seem to have a distinct lack of presence of mind at the moment. Those who have known me some years will be well acquainted with my regular inability to keep the kitchen calendar and my diary up to date and ne'er the twain shall match, which results from time to time in some interesting double bookings (just where do I get my reputation for being organised from?). Well right now I can read either or both, and if anybody asks I can tell them when I'm supposed to be where but something seems to be short circuiting as I seem totally incapable of relating that to where in the day/week I've actually got to.

But somehow it hasn't mattered. With almost unerring accuracy I've found myself in the right place at the right time through no apparent willful act on my behalf! I've been there to let people into buildings, for expected phonecalls and visitors/B&B guests, something has come along to remind me just in time to head off wherever else I'm supposed to be (altho last night's salsa class was a close call but I still managed to arrive first!). It's quite uncanny.

I'm not intending to push my luck though and rely on this continuing (and I'm hoping this post isn't the equivalent kiss of death to the (cricket) TMS commentators saying someone looks as though they're heading for a century as they then usually lose their wicket the next over...), but meanwhile to whatever/whoever it is looking out for me I'm extremely grateful!

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