Sunday, August 13, 2006

think it, do it...

'Think it, do it' became somewhat of a catchphrase when I worked at Garvald (in the one remaining Community House, Natty Cat is obviously still around and much adored by Lesley!). It was one of Catriona's maxims and would result in things like us starting to chop down the tree that blocked the kitchen window about 1/2 hr before our shift ended, reorganising the linen or kitchen cupboards mid tea break, and deciding what the blazes we're off out for coffee instead of battling with someone who just really did not want to do whatever it was we'd planned for them that day. We'd realised that we spent far too much time talking about what we'd like to do/what was bugging us and not enough time doing anything about it because we felt like we 'should' be doing something else at the time.

Ok so some things couldn't wait (well not without more stress than it was worth), but most things could and the difference it made to get something done that had been subtly driving us nuts was well worth the effort involved in doing it. However usually what made doing it possible was we'd do it together - both the staff on shift and whoever we could rope in of the residents (keeping us supplied with cups of tea & coffee and answering the phone for us often being as much help as mucking in!).

Ever since when I've opened a cupboard and my heart has sank as I've thought 'I must get round to dealing with that' as something rolls out across the floor or the door won't quite shut a little voice at the back of my head has been saying 'think it, do it' - I don't always, but when I do that little bit of life feels so much better. And like watching the pennies to save the pounds it's the little things added together that make the bigger difference. I don't have Cat, Heather, Alison or any of the others here to work with me, or Peter or Nicola to answer the phone but considering my current bugbear is one small kitchen cupboard I really should just go and do it rather than blogging about it. I've got half and hour before Meeting for Worship, if Cat & I can cut down a Laburnum tree in that time I can do a cupboard surely?

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