Tuesday, August 29, 2006

touching base

...but only for a few days, and a mad crazy few days at that - so far I've managed to double book myself three times (but as Premises Cttee got shifted so it clashed with Elders & Overseers that one is hardly my fault!), not bad considering I've been back less than 24hrs.... this is what happens when my brain fogs up with a cold...

I'm going to have to watch it, each time I've come back from Auckland this year I've brought back a cold - Marion is going to start veto-ing future trips if I'm not careful. Oh well at least I'm not projectile vomiting as poor wee Benjamin was whilst I was up there. He put me to shame though - he sat and took the accupuncturists needles no bother whatsoever, hardly batted an eyelid, whereas I was squirming in my seat just watching. Hmmm, I'm not feeling that ill though that I'm prepared to try it myself - I'll stick to honey, lemon, ginger, echineacea etc. I got a bottle of Green Ginger wine for hot toddys (sadly not Crabbies) in the supermarket this afternon and got id'd, I mean come on what's that about? I know Marion jokes about me looking 12 (common consensus is about 25) but really I ask you?! Luckily I still had my passport in my bag having flown Qantas yesterday and they require photo id, I'm not usually in the habit of taking my passport to New World!

Anyway I'm supposed to be writing a report for Premises Committee not blogging so best get that done, but before I do... big news came in today Anna Levin & Rob had a baby boy Joe last Thursday (24th Aug) weighing in at 8lbs 10.5 oz - I'm sooo chuffed for them, all very exciting. I really am going to have a lot of new faces to catch up with at some point, these friends of mine who keep having babies... ah well lets me off the hook a bit longer, no danger of us dying out yet =)

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pete said...

To avoid needing to have your passport handy perhaps you could get a permission note from your mom, and keep it with you in your pencil case. :-)