Saturday, August 05, 2006

wisdom in unexpected places

There are occassions when I wish I had a digital camera rather than a film one - yesterday was one of them.

I'd spent the afternoon reflecting on Sarah's Angel cards that I'd got quite fond of whilst away with her and how I felt like I could really do with one right now, altho' I knew I didn't really need to pick a card to know what it would say. There was that element of needing something from outside my head though to tell me - I may be a fairly intuitive person but I'm also a healthy sceptic of my own ability to be right! In many ways it's back to that distinction between is it 'that still small voice' or wishful thinking?

I understand far better now why Friends have a tradition of 'testing their concerns', of 'Meetings for Clearness' when making big decisions to follow what feels like a spirit led path. Having others prayerfully consider the matter and hold you in the light to discern whether they too feel it is the path for you to take rather than just getting as caught up in the excitement as you might feel would be very grounding and add a sense of validation.

But why the camera? Well as I headed down the road still with this all in my head I saw some graffiti I'd never noticed before on the wall by the Mary Potter Hospice which said in large capitals 'Everything is in it's right place' - who needs Angel Cards?! But I wanted the picture now, not when I finally finish what is a new film - by then the moment will be lost. However the camera in my head works quite well =)

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Julian said...

In a sense this is always true. Everything is exactly as it is. Buddhists would say that our attachments and ego are what keep us from realising this, from accepting the world as exquistly beautiful and enough just as it is. Easy to say though, and often hard to feel.

It is therefore nice when our hopes and dreams are confirmed, and the universe seems to be smiling on us. May it continue to smile on you Anna.