Friday, October 20, 2006


As many of you will have worked out by now I upload my photos to Flickr. This means anyone can look at them. When I log in there is a clever little counter thingy that tells me how often each picture has been clicked on and viewed rather than just looked at as a smaller version on a page with others. What it can't tell me of course is who is looking!

There are 3 photos that have been viewed far more times than the others - one from the Wellington Writers Walk and has a comment long enough to need to click on the picture to read the rest of it, one of me that Liam took at Summer Gathering (I'm blaming Mum for that!) and one of Karl at Matai Bay.

It's the last one that intrigues me. I have better pictures of the bay and far better pictures of Karl taken around the same time - neither of which have been viewed anything like as often - so why this one? Ok so putting this out here probably means it'll get even more hits but he's quite chuffed it's so popular anyway and is unlikely to complain!

Suggestions on a postcard please.... (or even comments!)

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