Wednesday, October 11, 2006

seeing the way

For epilogue at JYF Camp the first night at Totaranui we walked from the homestead down to the beach in the dark with only candles to light our way, the slither of a new moon giving us very little light at all despite the clear sky.

It was much further than I had expected and I had no idea where I was going having not left the buildings since we had arrived due to a small matter of organising the kitchen supplies and being in charge of feeding everyone.

It was supposed to be a silent walk but it was soon peppered with expletives of varying descriptions and volume as the breeze decided to play with the flickering flames and muted mutterings drifted through the darkness as people relit their candles from each others.

The three of us bringing up the rear had to stop many times to re-light each others candles and occassionally we had to catch up to those in front when they all blew out at once. It was at one of the times when they had all blown out that we realised that it was actually easier to see where we were going without the candles as the white track glowed faintly in what moon and starlight there was. When concentrating on the candle and trying to stop it from blowing out it was all too easy to wander off the side of the track into the ditch, our periferal vision hampered by the brightness of the flame.

We had a choice, concentrate solely on what we were trying not to lose or be able to see where the path led. We couldn't do both without getting burnt or hurt.


Michelle said...

oh, this has the flavor of a life lesson wrapped up in the story of a daily happening . .. there is unstated moral to it. Lovely.

kellygirl said... really sounds deep, but is actually quite simple!! (I linked over from my friends blog..Michelle)