Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pollyanna time

I never read Pollyanna as a child, but I read it online a few months ago - getting the book from the library would have been a more sensible option given I ended up sitting almost frozen in the office trying to finish it it instead of going to bed, but it was one of those spur of the moment things prompted by a comment from Sarah.

Peggy's post made me think of it again, of finding things to be glad about/grateful for when it appears that there is nothing good in a situation.

I sat and wrote a list this morning of things I should be grateful to a particular person for, and got to 20 before I realised that I really should be getting the place ready for Terry to come and knock down the sitting room wall instead! I've thought of a few other things to add to the list since.

Amongst other things the experiences of the last few months have shown me just how much loving support I have here and have helped me put a number of feelings and emotions into perspective - it has taught me what and who really is important to me. I've gained a better understanding of myself and my limits. I've also learned to put more faith in my intuition and gut reactions, to listen to the cris de coeur that come winging their way through some sixth sense and to the wisdom I find around me no matter what it's source.

Will knowing and acknowledging all of this help sort things out? Will it make the situation any better? Possibly not, but it helps me deal with it within myself and do what feels right.

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