Friday, November 17, 2006


As some of you know (or have read!) there's renovation work going on here. Well there was... we've reached the end of 'phase 1' and I now await a final decision on the kitchen (don't you just love Quaker process...) and it's arrival and fitting.

This means I've been able to shake out the dust sheets and fold them up, hoover up the debris and rearrange the furniture. As the new kitchen has yet to go in I've got a rather large living space right now - twice the size it'll eventually be - plus what was the living room and is yet to become my bedroom due to still having the existing kitchen off it (just don't ask)... So how to make best use of the space? And where to put everything given I've still got to find somewhere for all the 2nd guests bedroom stuff!

I figured moving through to the the new room made sense - it lets me play around with the furniture whilst I've lots of room to manouver things (and believe me I've shuffled them around so much I reckon the dining table must be dizzy by now), it also means I get used to 'living' in the new space. It was a guests bedroom so a room I was barely in other than to clean and get ready for the next occupants. The room had an odd feel to it to me - although many people who've slept here have said what a lovely room it is - but it just didn't feel like 'me'. I found myself with the new living room all arranged and me sitting on a bed to check my emails in the old living room! Hmmm, something had to change - so I've essential oils in the burner, Bic Runga on the cd player and I finally brought the laptop through - there was no way I'd manage to migrate to the new space with that still plugged in in the old!

We've a YF dinner here on Monday (Thomas O will be in town - yay!) so hopefully that will be like a 'housewarming' and give the space a more lived in feel - so look out for a different backdrop to future YF dinner photos!

I'm getting there, still one or two pictures decide where to put and a photo I'm getting enlarged to frame and hang. I guess eventually I'll stop feeling like I'm rattling round like a pea in a drum and get used to being in a bigger space.

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