Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Does anyone else get days when their brain just decides it's had enough and is going on holiday and if you don't come with it well tough?

I have a to do list, in fact I probably have several kicking about somewhere as I keep losing them. I think my subconscious has also decided it's time for a holiday.

Unfortunately I've several more days and a workshop to run before I get to fall asleep in the back of the car, I mean navigate my parents around Northland....

There's a post I want to write about the (dis)connections between the seasons and festivals calendar from a conversation that was had late last night (which is partly why my brain isn't making sense today...) and how in a bout of synchronicity it tied in with a comment made on another blog that I read this morning, but that will have to wait - too tired.

Ok, deep breath and time for sleeps... but maybe some chocolate first? For medicinal purposes you understand...

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