Saturday, November 18, 2006

you know it's a small world...

...when one of your F/friends on the other side of the world rings you up and asks how are your parents getting on out there having heard they'd arrived safely from one of their colleagues. Of all the probably thousands of people who work for Bombardier Stefan is working at the moment with my cousin Lynn.

The two people who were here for breakfast this morning and had never met before found a mutual friend within the first 5 minutes of conversation (a non-Quaker mutual friend that is - Quaker ones are somewhat of a given around here!)

I realised as we were talking that not only will there be about 7 of us at Summer Gathering with past or present connections with Newcastle-upon-Tyne Meeting I've a feeling that Graham (coming over from the UK) was in Aberdeen at the same time as a family now in Christchurch who will be at their first Summer Gathering this time.

Six degrees of separation? Aye right, 2 at the most....

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